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We are very excited to have now completed our first shipment! Thank you for the many positive comments we have received. We are so happy that the shoes have been so well received. We are now looking forward to the next chapter of the PALS journey. We are constantly striving to improve; we aim to produce beautiful products, offer honest and caring customer service and promote ethical working business practices. To this end we are in the process of sourcing a new UK based tannery which will supply chrome and heavy metal free leather for the next PALS order. Our wish is also to help support sustainable local economies, artisan business and local suppliers. We believe that sourcing the next batch of PALS leather from a UK based tannery is an important step in this vision. Before we end the year we wanted to offer a final sale on our remaining stock, before we move into the New Year. We are therefore offering a 30% discount on all stock from today 13th until the 21st December. Enjoy!
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  • barefoot boots tokyo


    Barefoot Pals are designed and handmade by Skilled Craftspeople.

    By buying and using Barefoot Pals you are supporting a traditional craft that is in danger of extinction.

  • barefoot shoes


    Barefoot Pals encourage you to reduce your carbon footprint by wearing durable footwear
    instead of supporting the 'throw away' culture.

    They use chrome free leather, thus reducing the amount of harmful chemicals released into the environment.

  • blue boots


    Barefoot Pals use leather which is a by-product of the meat industry. Reusing a noble material
    which would otherwise go to waste.

    They can also be re-soled when needed using Vibram soles which are 30% recycled rubber

  • Recycle

    Barefoot Pals are stitched with recycled polyester thread and soled with Vibram soles that support the use of recycled rubber.

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  • gaucho ninja and barefoot pals


    Barefoot Pals are like wearing your slippers, only they look like shoes and behave like shoes.
    Keeping your feet protected, dry and comfortable.


    Barefoot Pals are beautiful and graceful. They can fold and fit into your bag and be donned at a
    moment's notice when you need to shift your style from more casual to more elegant.

  • red boots


    Barefoot Pals are truly barefoot shoes. They support the natural shape of your feet to help them
    do the job they are designed to do.

    They are extremely flexible to allow your feet to be flexible too, the way nature intended.

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