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Barefoot Pals: The Gaucho Ninja Desert Boots

On Fridays, we wear confidence.

I know a lot of people associate high heels with feeling sexy, commanding, and in charge (AKA #bossbitch). But I associate high heels with imbalance, distracting pain, and an inability to access my potential.

WHAT IF we chose to associate power with being grounded, stable, and balanced? 🤯

So if you want to look like a boss in barefoot shoes, start by FEELING like a boss.

These shoes are from Gaucho Ninja , one of my personal favorite shoemakers. They are craaazy soft and flexible, essentially a leather glove. Now THAT is what I want on my feet while I’m #bossbitch.

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Barefoot Maestra :: Noelia :: Talking about Pals

Barefoot Maestra :: Noelia :: Trying them on